"Herbal medicine is one of the most ancient of the healing arts."

“A world that remains totally dependent on high-cost chemical medicines, controlled by multinational pharmaceutical companies whose main purpose is profit, is dependent upon the very institutions that created the environmental problems that are poisoning this world.”

- Thomas Easley & Steven Horne

from The Modern Herbal Dispensatory 


Welcome to Ophelia Wild!

      My goals and intentions are to create awareness and provide guidance to those transitioning towards a healthy, whole-food, holistic lifestyle. I created Ophelia Wild in hopes to inspire others to live more organically by incorporating 90% of their dietary intake to plants and the other 10% to the sea. Adopting a harmonious balance between a pescatarian and plant-based diet fuels the body to its utmost potential. This website started with only some of my plant-based recipes a couple of years ago, however, through recent years I have been incorporating plenty more aspects to Ophelia Wild. Change is inevitable and with it comes growth, therefore, as the years passed so did my perspective on the foods we consume.

     This journey of mine started with only a small following, with no expectations. Therefore, I could not have predicted where Ophelia Wild would be today. As of today, I'm currently enrolled in a graduate program to become a mental health therapist. I'm intrigued and a strong believer in the saying "you are what you eat." Therefore, the foods we consume have a strong impact on our mental health. Through food, we can regulate depression, anxiety, and chronic illnesses. Growing up, I was raised in a holistic household, eating healthy and taking care of our bodies are our number one priorities. This way of living has inspired me to dive deeper into the hidden knowledge of holistic medicine, especially how the earth itself heals our body from the inside out. 

    Growing up in a powerful entrepreneurial home environment, my ultimate life goal is to make "Ophelia Wild" known. I'm aware that this won't happen overnight, everything in life takes time and patience. Therefore, if you have read this far, hopefully, you are on my team, ready to make positive lifestyle changes for your mind and body, open to learning about the importance of mental health, and ready to dive deeper into the ways of holistic living. 



       Ophelia Wild

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