Top Essential Oils.


Lavender oil is great for reducing tension, especially when faced with a painful migraine. This essential oil is known for it's relaxation purposes, and doesn't fail at doing so when it comes to alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, & overthinking. The best way to apply this oil is to the major pressure points of the body for fast acting benefits.


Peppermint is great for the digestive track, curing stomach aches as well as severe migraines. Also, It's mostly praised for it's outstanding benefits when it comes to alleviating symptoms of the flu or a cold. The best way to use this oil is with an oil diffuser.

Ylang- Ylang:

This essential oil is best for staying focused when under a lot of pressure and stress. Just one smell of this essential oil and it's proven to boost your mood. Ylang-Ylang has a Hawaiian tropical scent and is proven to nourish skin & hair. Overall, this essential oil is great for focusing on your biggest projects and relaxing on your days off. You can also use this with an oil diffuser.

Rose oil:

Rose oil is known for treating depression & anxiety symptoms as well as alleviating stress among individuals. The best way to use rose oil is by adding the oil to a warm bath or shower, increasing the vapors of the oil to help the body re-center & relax.


Frankincense is known to promote enlightenment in individuals, helpful with becoming mentally balanced as well as connected with the here and now. This essential oil is great for reducing stress, pain, and inflammation. It's also a great oil for the skin, especially for the face. (reducing red spots & clearing acne). It pairs well with a jade roller and an ice roller.


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