Fried Mac & Cheese Balls

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls Recipe. vegan + gluten free + dairy free.


  • 1 box of gluten free pasta

  • 1/2 cup of plant butter

  • 1 + 1/2 cup of plant milk (set aside extra plant milk for coating)

  • 2 packages of vegan cheese (any kind you prefer)

  • 2 cups of chickpea flour

  • 2 cups of gluten free breadcrumbs


  • Cook the pasta according to directions and set aside. (Tip: drizzle some oil on the pasta and mix to prevent from sticking).

  • In a skillet melt the butter, add the plant milk, and stir until the butter is fully dissolved. Then add as much and as many kinds of plant cheeses as you wish! (the limit does not exist!).

  • Mix this consistency around until it's a smooth paste like substance. When it's a paste like substance, add to the cooked pasta and mix around so its fully coated.

  • Take a cupcake pan and spray each place holder with olive oil non stick spray. Then, take an ice cream scooper, scoop up the mac and cheese, and place each scoop into a cupcake holder.

  • Once each holder is filled, place in freezer for two hours.

  • Take out of freezer and pop each mac and cheese cup out of their place holder and set aside. Gather three bowls and fill each one separately with plant milk, chickpea flour, and the gluten free breadcrumbs.

  • Start coating by dipping each frozen mac and cheese cup into the plant milk, then the flour, then back into the plant milk, and finally toss in the breadcrumbs. Once each cup is finished place in your air fryer pan.

  • This next step depends on your preference for crunchiness. Place in air fryer on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. If you want yours to be crispier place them in again at 400 degrees for another 5 - 8 minutes.

  • Pair with your favorite marinara dipping sauce and a glass of wine. Eat & Enjoy!

(P.S - check out my instagram highlight "Cheese Balls" to see how I made this in real time). Don't forget to tag me in photos if you make this delicious recipe!