Ice Roller | Jade Roller

Can't have a self-care day without these two essentials!

Below are Links to each roller:

Link to Jade Roller: Click Here

Link to Ice Roller: Click Here

Ice Rollers and Jade Rollers work wonders for the face, neck, and even shoulder muscles. Each roller helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing wrinkles when older. Ice rollers are great for migraines, stress relief, and they reduce facial puffiness. Jade Rollers are great for toning the skin, giving the face a natural glow, as well as boosting circulation, also who doesn't love massaging their face with a crystal? It's inevitable you will be surrounded with good energy!

Typically the mornings are for the Ice Roller, anywhere from 10-15 minutes makes a huge difference on your skin. The Jade Roller is used at night with your favorite facial serum, watch your favorite show and jade roll away. Jade rolling anywhere from 15-30 minutes gives your facial muscles the boost they need. Theres nothing better than putting yourself first, even if it's for 10-30 minutes, and giving your body the attention it deserves. It's 2020, time to be selfish and put yourself first, go order your rollers today!


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