Let's talk about skin care routines!

Today I'll be sharing my entire skin care routine with all of you.

First of all lets talk about benefits:


~ Can reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, anti-inflammatory properties, removes dark spots & acne scars, great for makeup primer.

The Go-To Oils:

~ CBD- Hemp Oil

~ Frankincense Oil

~ Tea Tree Oil

~ Coconut Oil


~ I've recently blogged about certain face masks to use for exfoliating. I blogged about a specific exfoliating mask that works wonders. I usually use it three times a week in the afternoon, preferably after your work day is done. Head over to my recent blog post titled "FACEMASKS" to learn more.

Serums & Moisturizers:

The two specific serums and moisturizers that I use are from

~ Regena- Skin Night Time Facial Serum

~ Regena- Skin Hyaluronic Cream

Head over to their website to find out about the amazing benefits and organic, plant based, cruelty free ingredients.

Secret Weapons:

Face Roller, Jade Roller, & Steaming.


~ steaming is a great way to start your skin care routine, it opens up your pores and removes any build up of leftover dirt or makeup left behind. Promotes healthy blood flow and circulation, hydrating and soothing, & prevents acne from occurring.

Face Roller:

~ I can't live without my ice face roller & Jade Roller, they are the best investment you will ever make in your life! They are great for prevented wrinkles, revitalizing and refreshing your skin, smoothes inflammation or any irritation, reduces eye puffiness, the coldness shrinks pores and constricts the skin. (because of this, I use the ice face roller as the last step of my routine & Jade Roller in the morning).

I purchased my face rollers from Amazon, you can find them anywhere.

My Daily/Weekly Skin Care Routine:

Morning (right as you wake up):

1. Splash your face with warm water

2. Apply your essential oils to your face

3. Apply Regena-Skin Hyaluronic Cream

4. Use your Jade Roller

Afternoon: (only use the exfoliation and glow/hydrate masks three times a week, otherwise, skip steps 2 & 3 in this section). Take all makeup off first before doing the steps below.

1. Steam (especially if you have been wearing makeup, just came home from work or school, you will definitely have a build up of dirt and bacteria left behind).

2. Exfoliate (using my exfoliation mask under my "FACEMASK" blog).

3. Follow this exfoliation mask by using my instant glow/hydrate mask again, under my "FACEMASK" blog.

4. Rinse face with warm water and apply essential oils


1. Face Roller (use as long as you would like! I usually watch my favorite show while I use my face roller).

2. Before bed apply Regena- Skin Night Time Facial Serum


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