You can never go wrong with eating too much sushi, especially vegan sushi! If you are like me, I usually treat myself to sushi once a week. In the beginning of my vegan journey I only thought I could eat cucumber rolls and edamame, but it turns out there are so many vegan option when it comes to eating sushi, especially at different Japanese restaurants, every menu has different options. Below is a guide to my favorite sushi dishes.

Sushi Rolls:

- avocado roll

- cucumber roll

- sweet potato roll

- oshinko roll

- vegetable roll

- dragon vegetable roll

- asparagus roll

- always check the "special rolls" for anything vegan too!


- avocado salad

- green salad

- seaweed salad

- tofu salad

Other Dishes:

- edamame

- vegetable dumplings

- vegetable spring rolls

- noodles with vegetables

- always check the "vegetarian" section on the menu, remember you can make anything vegan!


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