Self Care Tips For Anxiety & Depression

A Daily Guide For Those In Need of Motivation, Ambition, & Determination.

We all go through phases of depression and anxiety, whether it be seasonal depression, being anxious before an important event, experiencing grief, loneliness, or becoming upset and frustrated with being "stuck" in our life. What is our life purpose? What is our reason for being here? What is the point of getting out of bed? These are just some of the everyday thoughts almost everyone has either once every two weeks or every day of the week. Having been in the process of becoming a Mental Health Therapist, positive mental health and self care have been a priority of mine, especially when it comes to helping others reach their highest potential.

What are you reading? When is the last time you read a book? Did it make you sad? Happy? What we read affects our mood. I challenge you to write self-love notes to yourself. For example, hide small notes around your living space, when you least expect it you will come across these small notes that will make your day brighter. Create post-it-notes that have positive affirmations, place them on your bathroom mirror. Every morning when you wake up you will see these affirmations. Be aware of what your mind reads, watch your mood transform once its covered in positivity.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? This includes social media, what are you seeing everyday? who are you following? Social media impacts our mental health negatively on an everyday basis. The scary part is, we don't even realize what we are exposing our minds too. I challenge you to unfollow or unfriend everyone that serves no purpose in your life. This goes for everyday life too, remove yourself from the energy vampires that drain you both mentally and emotionally. You have to ask yourself "what does this person bring into my life" and if you can not find an answer to this question, chances are that person shouldn't be in your life. Surround yourself with positive people and watch your relationships with others and yourself transform.

What are you wearing? On your days off are you in your pajamas all day long? Lets change this as quick as possible. Put yourself first, spoil yourself, take a shower, do your makeup and your hair. It doesn't matter if you aren't going out to see other people, what matters most is how you are treating yourself. For example, when you have company, do you clean your house? do you present your homemade meals with extra garnishes? do you infuse your water with yummy colorful fruits? do you use your expensive china? Why don't you do these things for yourself? This is where you will realize a difference in your self worth.

I challenge you to put yourself first. I challenge you to spoil yourself. I challenge you to create a life you want to live. But most importantly, I challenge you to live a fulfilling life, free of burdens, free of sadness, free of anxious thoughts and free of depression. Let's transform you life for the better. Let's start now.


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