Spilling the TEA...

All tea comes from plants, more specifically the rich and soiled ground! Each type of tea tastes different depending on the way the plant was cared for & harvested.

I drink tea every morning, and I try to have a different type/flavor for each day of the week. (It's one of the many little things that get me excited for the day). Today I'll be sharing some of my favorite teas and the major benefits of them. I've also attached links to each tea description if you are interested in potentially making them for yourself and for others!

Each tea listed below have a wide range of health benefits, they include:

- Antioxidants

- Cancer fighting properties

- Controls diabetes

- Decreases insomnia

- Decreases stress & anxiety

- Helps with asthma

- Energy booster (Matcha)

- Calorie burner

- Great for metabolism

- Improves brain function

- Prevents heart disease

- Decreases inflammation in the body

- Improves mood

- Improves memory - Detoxes the body

- Improves appearance of skin

- Clears sinuses

Ginger Lemon Tea:


Chamomile Tea:


Dandelion Tea:


Green Tea:


jiaogulan Tea:




Overall, all tea is healthy and will have amazing health benefits for your body! Links are attachted to each tea where you can easily order them from.