VEGAN WINE. I bet you're thinking that all wine is vegan, and right about now that little voice in your head is saying "how is wine not vegan? it's made from grapes!"

Wrong! ... Well actually, wine IS made from GRAPES but lets talk about wine and what it's processed with, a.k.a what society doesn't tell us about. Throughout the wine making processes, various animal byproducts may be used, which leaves traces of actual animal products in the wine that we digest.

During various stages of the wine making process, wine can be filtered through certain substances called “fining agents,” which are used to remove protein, yeast, or other organic particles, reduce cloudiness, eliminate certain flavors and colors. Blood and bone marrow, casein (milk protein), albumen (a derivative of egg whites), fish oil, gelatin (a protein derived from animal parts), and isinglass (a protein derived from the membranes of fish bladders), CAN ALL be found in popular fining agents that can be used in the wine making processes.

To avoid purchasing and ingesting these horrible fining agents, there are different apps that you can use to see if certain wines are vegan friendly. A great app that I use is called "Vegan BevVeg."